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Thursday, June 12  5-9pm

Friday, June 13  12-9pm

Saturday, June 14  10am-5pm

Sunday, June 15  11am-4pm

There will be a sale June 12-15, 2014 for James Loso’s remaining pottery inventory. This sale will finalize Loso’s 50 year career of creating unique decorative porcelain items, and exceptional one-of-a-kind Raku pieces, as well as utilitarian stoneware.

Loso Residence


21 East Ash Street

Saint Joseph, MN 56374

During the sale, you will have access to a large and varied selection of work ranging from functional to decorative. The collection contains classic Loso favorites including mugs, irises, bells and more. Below you will find a sampling of the range of items available for purchase. Visit the gallery page for examples of additional Raku and porcelain styles that will be for sale.

There are no plans to sell items through this website; the only option at this time is for in-person sales.

These specific pieces are not guaranteed to be available during the sale.